Home About image 02Saddle Rags is the lifestyle cycle brand that delivers a range of challenging designs that don’t always scream “Cycling”. In fact, quite the opposite. Due to the tenuous nature of the links between a number of our designs and the cycle world, some people are already calling us “Subtle Rags”.

We are the brand that can be enjoyed by both cyclists and non cyclists alike and our audacious graphics are designed to spark conversation and can often be considered somewhat controversial. We guarantee that when worn to your favourite cycle cafe, local pub or for a casual ride out with the family, someone will comment on your purchase.

It’s never too late…..

They do say good things come to those that wait. After many years of deliberation and watching the cycle scene grow from a few questionably dressed blokes with daft hand signals to the international phenomenon it is now, we felt the time to launch Saddle Rags was finally right. With this in mind, we wanted to launch with premium wear of the finest quality and took a long time selecting our products based on their style, their comfort and paying particular attention to the finer details. We are very proud to have picked Fair Wear Foundation garments meaning the people involved with the manufacturing process have been paid a living wage and are not working in substandard labour conditions.